Camano Buz

Tubers Sold Out!

  • We sold every last tuber, over 1,700 tubers in total.
  • We provided dahlias for 223 growers to enjoy this summer.
  • And we did it safely, wearing masks, keeping social distance, online payment, and no-contact pickup.

We want to thank all of the volunteers that gave their time and energy to make this event work, we appreciate your contributions. We were successful despite having never done anything like this before. We overcame problems and worked together and received many kind words from customers, even those we had to refund.

Heather Alderink
Kyle and Lisa Cassidy
Dahlia Del
Rita Gindt-Marvig
Jordon Goodwater
Byron Jacobson
Audra Johnson
Carolyn Koehler
John Kooiman
Lynn Lombardi
Karen Loney
Jodi Martin
Charlot Meyer
Arnie Sachs
Amy Simonson
Jane Skjerven
Rick Snyder
Kelly Thommes
Eric and Kathy Thomson
Beth Vaughan
Sandra Ward
There were others that assisted in less direct ways.

We had donations of masks, gloves, and hand-sanitizer from: Rick and JoAnn Snyder, Jordon Goodwater, Eric & Kathy Thomson, and Charlotte Ryan. A few customers did not want their shipping refunded when we delivered instead : Tom Darling and Clark Orlaska, there may have been others.