Harts Bonnie

The Peoples Choice

People’s Choice Award from the 2017 State Fair show goes to Gary Minor for his Harts Bonnie. This is a new variety that is hard to find so we were blessed to have it entered in this competition.

Harts Bonnie
Tally of the entries
AC Firefly 346
Showcase Magnifico 62
Harts Bonnie 460 -Winner
Apapu Night 28
Vista Lindsey 12
Optic Illusion 33
Sonsy Sue 256
Unknown Variety 60
Harvey Koop 182
Diadem Aitara 344


Gary Minor



The Minneapolis Dahlia Society created this category (PC1) to involve the public by giving them a vote. It is limited to a single bloom but there are no other restrictions. The winner is chosen by the public, by popular vote.

The winner receives a cash award of $10 at our annual awards banquet.

Congratulations Gary and thanks to the public for your participation.

Gary Minor