Show Committee

Action Committees

Volunteer Positions

  • Eric Thomson – Show chair for both State Fair and Bachman’s
  • Kathy Thomson – Showbook editor, signage, and organization
  • Carolyn Kohler – appoint and report on committee
  • Scott Hegstrand – Procurement and Logistics
  • Amy Simmonson – Setup / Take-down
  • Arnie Sachs – Truck driver and more
  • Kyle Cassidy – Supplies to setup
  • ? – Judges Coordinator (books, assignments, key judgements)
  • Cindy Soule – Judging sheets, COH signs, database

Planning sub-Committee – Propose and approve changes for showbooks etc. Do not need to be present to way in on decisions (must respond to emails).

  • Eric Thomson
  • Kathy Thomson
  • Carolyn Kohler
  • Cindy Soule
  • John Soule
  • Charles Spragg
  • James Romer
  • Gary Unger

I know there are a lot of people that help out and I could not list everyone. If you have a key role that requires coordination, please reach out to me. I am new to this and am not aware of all the coordination activities required. Also, let me know if you would like to be on the Planning sub-Committee.

Eric Thomson – Showchair