Minnesota Dahlia Society Membership

Our society welcomes all who love dahlias. Our large membership includes novices, amateurs and experts, and our gardens vary greatly in size and style. Some members are dedicated competitors for ribbons and trophies, and other who just want pretty dahlias for borders and bouquets.

Our members have opportunities to learn proven techniques from our programs and get hands-on experience in our ADS Trial Garden. Two September Dahlia Shows give members a stage to exhibit their best blooms and win awards

Our general meetings are on the second Mondays in February, March, May, October, and December. Other events include a Spring Tuber Sale, Family Picnic, Garden Tour, and Awards Banquet.

Annual dues are

$17.00 for Individual

$20.00 for Family

MDS memberships purchased or won at our fall shows are good for this and next year.

MDS is a member driven society where members are encouraged to participate on committees or serve in board positions.

Action Committees

ADS Trial Garden – Director, Coordinator, Watering, Planting, Maintenance teams, Clean-up

State Fair Show – Chair, Showbook, Judges, Clerks, Records, Setup, Info Desks, Tear Down

Late Show – Chair, Showbook, Judges, Clerks, Records, Setup, Info Desk, Tear Down

Tuber Sale – Buyers, Setup, Info Desk, Tally, Credit Card Cashier, Cash/Check Cashier, Tear Down

Sunshine – Member outreach to ill or injured.

Judges Training – Instructor, Student

Awards – Plaques, Trophies, Presenting

Show Ribbons – Sorting, Buying, Storing, Presenting

Medal Exchange – Exchange with other Dahlia Societies

Public Relations – Promote Sale, Shows, and Trial Garden to media and organizations

Website and Social Media – Write posts, Share posts, Moderate comments


Membership in the American Dahlia Society may also be purchased through MDS at a discounted price. This is recommended for those that plan to enter blooms into either of our fall shows.

How do I become a member?

  • You can pay online, click the button below.
  • or Request a membership application from our membership director: Kathryn Thomson, by clicking CONTACT
  • or You can come to a meeting or event, find Kathy and ask her for  a membership application form.

How do I renew my membership?

  • Exactly the same way a new member pays.
  • You can pay online, click the button below.

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    1. Tim Wollenzien

      Eric, I’m having trouble logging in to my account. I get an error message for my password, then when I click the link to change the password I get a message saying there’s no record of my email in the system. Since I know I have used the same login credentials in the past, I’m wondering if perhaps my membership has expired and I’ve just been kicked out of the system. Would you please check or ask someone to check? Thanks.

      Also, I have received confirmation that my tuber order has been shipped. I’m wondering if we can still order more?

      Thank you. Tim Wollenzien

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