ADS Judge Award


To become an MDS dahlia judge and receive a card as an ADS Accredited Dahlia Judge a candidate you need to participate in training and meet the following requirements:

1. Must be a member in good standing of the Minnesota Dahlia Society and be a member in good standing of the American Dahlia Society during the candidate-training period for at least two (2) consecutive years including the year of fulfilling the judging requirements.

2. Must have grown and exhibited dahlias in ADS-sanctioned shows at least 5 years OR have grown and exhibited in at least eight (8) ADS shows for three (3) years.

3. Must have served as an Apprentice Judge in at least five (5) dahlia shows
within a period of not more than 5 years OR serve as an Apprentice judge in
seven (7) shows in a three (3) year period.

4. Must judge seedlings in the Trial Garden or on the Seedling Bench to the
satisfaction of the Accreditation Committee. The recommended number of
seedlings is three (3) per year but not less than 15 in five years.

5. Must attend two judging/training sessions during training period.

6. Must have received a score of 80% or better in a Minnesota Dahlia Society judging class/ADS Accredited Judge test based on the A.D.S. Judging Manual, the A.D.S. Classification Handbook and the A.D.S scorecard.
Trial garden experience consisting of having scored 6 or more seedlings may be counted in lieu of one of the five shows required if 60% or more of the candidate’s scores fall within the scores of those Senior judges whose scores are used in arriving at the official averages for those cultivars, or come within three (3) points of the official average.