2018 Trial Garden Closed Down

Thanks to everyone that showed up last Saturday, October 6, 2018,  at the Trial Garden, Landscape Arboretum to take down the garden. 

groupWe cut down all the plants and destroyed the tubers, then put away the watering system and cleaned up the weeds. 

The work went quickly with a good turn out. Thanks to Larry, Sue, Sandra, John K., John C., Dahlia Del, Arnie, Joan, Amy, Kathy, and Eric.


Afterwords several of enjoyed hot coffee or cocoa at the “club house”, mmm goodgroup2.

2 thoughts on “2018 Trial Garden Closed Down”

  1. I am not a member , so I guess it is really not my business , But why did the club destroy the tubers . Isn’t saving the better formed ones over winter for planting in the spring a part of being a good gardener ? Joe

    1. webmaster thomson

      Good Question Joe. The purpose of the trial garden is for proving new varieties for hybridizers. We do offer to send the tubers back to them but this year none of them requested it. We are not allowed to save them because they retain full control of the variety to further develop or bring to market as they like. Thanks for asking.

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