Planting Dahlias

What is the best way to plant show worthy dahlias? We discussed different approaches and practices at our last general meeting, and will now share what we actually did at the Trial Garden this year.

The Role of Soil Fertility In Gardening

When it comes to ingredients which provide nutrients in fertilizer, there are officially 37 ingredients which are used to provide Nitrogen, 24 which provide Phosphorous, 11 for Potassium, 18 for Calcium and Magnesium, 9 for Sulfur and more than we care to talk about for the micro nutrients. Many of these substances provide more than one nutrient

Dig Store Video

Digging and Storing Dahlia Tubers

At our October meeting, the presentation was on digging and storing tubers. We had a dozen new members present so there was great interest in the topic. So I recorded the majority of the presentation as a video to share with other dahlia growers.