Board of Directors

Carolyn Koehler

President, Carolyn Koehler

Presides over the general meetings, board meetings, picnics, and the annual awards banquet. Carolyn has been active in the club since her father was the president.

Byron Jacobs

Vice President, Byron Jacobson

Fills in for the president in her absence, coordinates with Show Chair on shows, coordinates with board on other decisions.

Rick Snyder

2nd Vice President, Rick Snyder

Organizes meeting topics, recruits speakers, secures venues for picnics and garden tours and the annual awards banquet. Coordinates with board on other decisions.

Arnie Sachs

Treasurer, Arnie Sachs

Deposits membership dues, tuber sale proceeds; writes checks to cover expenses and reimbursements. Provides a financial report at general meetings. Arnie is a long time member and volunteer at the trial garden. He has also been proactive in securing and caring for large assets like our storage trailer.

Amy Simonson

Secretary, Amy Simonson

Takes notes at the general and board meetings and distributes them. Amy created the SignUp Genius web page to manage volunteers for our events; organizes teams to work in the Trial Garden; procured MDS branded apparel for members; maintains our Facebook, and keeps MDS records. She also helps with content for the website.

Kathy Thomson

Membership Director, Kathy Thomson

Coordinates with webmaster and board to create a positive user experience for new and renewing members. Creates the annual directory, sends out notices and reminders for events. Kathy also coordinates with Show chair to produce the show books.

Eric Thomson

Director at Large, Eric Thomson

Member for about 6 years. Previously Vice President. Also Show chair, Program Director, and Webmaster.

John Enstrom

Member at Large, John Enstrom

Joined over a year ago and did well in his first State Fair show! He is in the trade growing sod and flowers and selling soil. Also has a Veterans lake memorial.

Sandra Ward

ADS Representative, Sandra Ward

Represents MDS to the American Dahlia Society. Writes reports on MDS activities to be printed in the Quarterly ADS Bulletin. Sandy also does the publicity for our annual tuber sale and fall shows.

john kooiman

Trial Garden Director, John Kooiman

Member for several years, previous Show Chair. Large grower and supporter of the Trial Garden.

Larry Bagge

Senior TG Director, Larry Bagge

Long time member, former president, and many other board positions. Senior judge and hybridizer.