Volunteer Hours

If you have registered as a volunteer with the Landscape Arboretum to work in  the Dahlia Society trail garden then you should be logging  your time spent working there.  Ask which PC to use behind the Information desk. Find your name and Dahlia Society. Enter 2 hours for average Saturday.

Randy Siem

Timing Blooms for The Shows

This subject is probably one of the hardest to explain and to write about, but I will attempt to do so anyway. One of the reasons why the dahlia is one of my favorite flowers is because, to a certain extent, I can control when they come into bloom.

Camano Buz

Tubers Sold Out!

We sold every last tuber, over 1,700 tubers in total.
We provided dahlias for 223 growers to enjoy this summer.
And we did it safely, wearing masks, keeping social distance, online payment, and no-contact pickup.

Jon Soule

Jon Soule passes

Jon Soule has passed away. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Cindy, his wife of 35 years. Our society has lost a dear friend and valued member.

Planting Dahlias

What is the best way to plant show worthy dahlias? We discussed different approaches and practices at our last general meeting, and will now share what we actually did at the Trial Garden this year.

The Role of Soil Fertility In Gardening

When it comes to ingredients which provide nutrients in fertilizer, there are officially 37 ingredients which are used to provide Nitrogen, 24 which provide Phosphorous, 11 for Potassium, 18 for Calcium and Magnesium, 9 for Sulfur and more than we care to talk about for the micro nutrients. Many of these substances provide more than one nutrient