dahlia two pony

Sunday, August 11, 2019 Garden Tour and Picnic

dahlia two pony

Event is sold out!

to this year’s garden tour, on August 11th.  MDS is celebrating our 90th birthday and therefore we are doing it up a bit more than usual. The purpose of this event is to generate interest in and to promote our favorite flower – the dahlia. So bring a friend that may be interested in dahlias. The largest bus holds 50 people so there will only be 50 tickets available for purchase online.

Why go on the Garden Tour? 

The tour will feature 3 member gardens, west of the metro.  Each garden is unique and a delight.  The gardens featured this year are NOT those of our experienced show winners. To learn those secretes you will need to come to any of our meetings, which are described elsewhere on this website. But you will see a lot of different varieties and in larger quantities than typical and hopefully pickup on the passion and fun that growers experience.

What to Expect

This tour covers more distance (and time) than usual but should be fun.

  • The tour will be from 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm followed by a pot-luck picnic at the last stop on the tour.
  • We are hiring a coach bus with driver. There is a restroom on board, plush seats, and plenty of storage below for coolers and picnic baskets. We hope this will encourage people that don’t like to drive, to join us.
  • The first stop is Sue Proudfoot’s residential garden with about a hundred dahlias. She is fairly new to MDS.
  • The second is Jerry Hass’ farm. He grows about 2,000 dahlias and sells cut flowers. He is a long time member but only recently started showing some of his blooms at the State Fair Show.
  • The third is Lisa Ringer’s rustic farm, Two Pony Gardens. She has been a member for a long time and is excited to host the club again. She holds kid’s camps throughout the summer. Lisa sells cut dahlias, heirloom tomatoes, and goat cheese.
  • About 4:30 pm we will hold the pot-luck picnic at the last stop of the tour: Two Pony Gardens. Lisa Ringer’s pizza staff of two will make us her famous wood fired pizza, featuring her heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share and your picnic utensils.
  • After the picnic there will be a presentation on staging blooms for the shows and instructions on filling out tags (as well as the result sheets for clerks and judges).
  • You will be able to pick up copies of the show books and inside parking passes for the State Fair. Arnie will have free tickets to the State Fair for volunteers. Non-members can enter blooms in the State Fair show, so grab a book even if you have never grown a dahlia before.
two pony pizza

Sunday, August 11, 2019 Tour Schedule:

11:20 am  Bus leaves Signal Hills Shopping Center, 1225 S Robert St., West St Paul

12:15 pm  Bus leaves Metro Transit Park And Ride – Louisiana Ave, 1300 Louisiana Ave S, St Louis Park

1:00 pm  Sue Proudfoot – Minnetonka (bus leaves at 1:30)

2:30 pm  Jerry Hass – Montrose (bus leaves at 3:15)

4:00 pm Lisa Ringer, Two Pony Gardens – Long Lake (bus leaves at 5:30)

6:00 pm Metro Transit Park And Ride – 1300 Louisiana Ave S (bus leaves at 6:15)

7:00 pm Signal Hills Shopping Center, 1225 S Robert St., West St Paul

Recent Review – “The price tag at Two Pony Gardens is hefty — they’re clearly asking you to pay for an experience beyond food. The pies aren’t cheap at $18 each, and we found that we needed two pies for two people. But as we ate surrounded by trees, wandered the property to admire the flowers and tomatoes, visited with chickens, peeked in the farm-style house that is open for eating and bathroom use, and watched families pile in a wagon for horse-drawn buggy rides, we began to reconsider our initial disbelief at the price of the pizzas. After all, Two Pony Gardens offered us a cozy farm experience that we city dwellers crave.”

Please Note:

Two Pony Gardens is more than pizza, it is a country experience. It is open to the public by event only. Lisa’s Pizza Event nights sell out quickly. Because she is a member of MDS, she is opening a date that was suppose to be her day off. She is bringing in two of her staff to make pizzas for us. We will be the only guests! And she is just charging us her cost to open up for us (no member makes a profit). This is a rare opportunity that will not likely be repeated for a long time. With the bus and all, it is more money than we normally spend, but as our president says

“This is our 90th Birthday Party!  We have an active society and good reason to celebrate…and a healthy bank balance makes this possible.”

We are waiting for the board to approve this but our expectation is that the club will subsidize both the bus and pizza so your cost is $10 per person. Beverages will be provided by the club.

Event is sold out!