snow storm

Sale Delayed to April 22nd!


Tuber SaleDue to the snow storm our tuber sale has been delayed one week. Same place, Same times.

Sunday, April 22nd

Bachman’s Garden Center,
Heritage Room.
6010 Lyndale Ave, South
Minneapolis, MN


Set up crew arrives at 7:00 am and enter through the South employee entrance

8:30 am  when set-up is complete, club members get first choice to buy

9:00 am  Doors are opened to the public.

Open until 3:00 PM, or till sold out.

Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards Accepted

Support the club and get show grade Dahlia tubers for less.

Changes on the tuber list: No AC Glenda; Taratahi Ruby and AC Candy added. late changes.



Tuber List
Tuber List PDF
Tuber List in Excel

2018 MDS Tuber Sale List

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