Month: February 2016


2014 North Central Trial Garden

Kelsey Dwarf (MS LV/pr) took the award for highest score in the garden as well as first bloom on June 24 (just 3 weeks after planting!) and thrilled container enthusiasts with its season-long multitude of eye-catching flowers on neat, 2’x2’ plants. Hollyhill Rudolph (MB RD) followed early July and was very appealing to garden visitors with its floriferous, fire-engine red, globular blooms dotting dense foliage. A cold spell in early August slowed the plants, but by mid-month KA’s Cloud (A ID WH), substantial in size, was as delicate as a cloud at sunrise with its pastel blush. Clearview Sharon (B C YL) and Hollyhill Jeanette (BB C OR) popped from the garden with their striking cactus forms


2013 North Central Trial Garden

Lo-Joy (MS-RD) took the award for the garden’s first bloom June 14; followed closely by Lo-Redeye (MS-DB) that thrilled the container gardeners with its season-long, eye-catching color and floriferousness. Doodlebug swayed the judges to garner the highest score in the garden (91.1).