Trial Garden

2016 Trial Garden Work Teams


Becka and Byron Jacobson
Harry Garnett
Pixie Pixler
Johnnie Workman

TEAM 2   
Larry Bagge
Peggy Betsch
Carolyn Farley
Joe & Karen Hauwiller
Terri Lambert
John Kooiman
Chuck Spragg

TEAM 3   
Karen Zierdt
Carolyn Koehler
Mary Montagne
Gregg Sougstad
Rick Snyder
Heidi Zierdt
Erica Lawrenz
Amy Simonson
Larry Sims
Mary Walker

TEAM 4   

Curt Carlson
Kyle Cassidy
Sherrie Dahlin
Vincent Dam
Chuck Krueger
Karen Loney
Ed Martens
Pixie Pixler
Mary and Arnie Sachs
Eric and Kathy Thomson
Joan Vann

Anyone who would like to work a time or two or is looking for a team to join please contact Karen Zierdt at

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