Dig and Store Dahia Tubers

At our October meeting, the presentation was on digging and storing tubers. We had a dozen new members present so there was great interest in the topic. So I recorded the majority of the presentation as a video to share with other dahlia growers.

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2017 State Fair Results

State Fair dahlia show had over 1,600 blooms entered. Thanks to all that participated.

Here are the results from the court of honor

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2017 Annual Awards Dinner

2017 Annual Awards Dinner – Save The Date: Sunday November 12 at Joseph’s Grill in St. Paul.
Please mark your calendars and plan to join fellow members in reviewing and sharing the growing and show season.

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Dahlia Forms Revealed

To learn about classifying dahlias download this document from the ADS. Or use the arrows in the interactive media to view each page.   Classifying Dahlias Classifying Dahlias 2017 ADS website classification   There are 20 forms of Dahlia recognized by the ADS Formal Decorative (FD-0) Informal Decorative – (ID #1) Semi-Cactus-(SC-2) Straight Cactus (C-3) Incurved Cactus- (IC-4) Laciniated – (LC-5) Ball- BA #60-over 3.5...

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