2017 State Fair Results

State Fair dahlia show had over 1,600 blooms entered. Thanks to all that participated.

Here are the results from the court of honor

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Dahlia Forms Revealed

To learn about classifying dahlias download this document from the ADS. Or use the arrows in the interactive media to view each page.   Classifying Dahlias Classifying Dahlias 2017 ADS website classification   There are 20 forms of Dahlia recognized by the ADS Formal Decorative (FD-0) Informal Decorative – (ID #1) Semi-Cactus-(SC-2) Straight Cactus (C-3) Incurved Cactus- (IC-4) Laciniated – (LC-5) Ball- BA #60-over 3.5...

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Frequently asked questions about Japanese beetles

Pyola and Neem oil can help protect plants from Japanese Beetles, especially if only small numbers are present. However, insecticidal soap, extracts of garlic, hot pepper, or orange peels are not effective. You can also cover some plants with a light weight fabric, like cheesecloth.

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Timing Blooms for The Shows

This subject is probably one of the hardest to explain and to write about, but I will attempt to do so anyway. One of the reasons why the dahlia is one of my favorite flowers is because, to a certain extent, I can control when they come into bloom.

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Topping and Pinching Guide

To grow show worthy Dahlias, you need to pinch unwanted growth strategically. We discussed this at the last general meeting and are putting it into action in the trial garden. Here are some notes and visual aids for your reference.

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2017 Fall Show Books – Bachmans

The Show Books are done and will be handed out at the Garden Tour and Picnic. If you cannot make it to this great event, contact the show chairman, John Kooiman, about getting a copy mailed to you. But to ensure that everyone has timely access, here is a pdf version that you can view on your computer. This version is not formatted to print as a booklet. It’s show time again and it’s going to be a busy year with our State Fair Show,...

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