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2019 Annual Awards Dinner

2019 Nov 10th, Annual Award Banquet at DeGidio’s Restaurant 425   7th Street West, St. Paul, MN 55102

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2019 Court of Honor Reports

The official 2019 Court of Honor reports for the ADS website.

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Visit Jerry Hass

Jerry asked that we invite anyone that saw his farm on the tour back again. Just look him up in your directory and give him a call first. He is also very generous in allowing people to cut flowers to make wonderful bouquets.

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Shredded Foam for Staging

Using shredded Styrofoam instead of Oasis makes staging blooms much quicker, which allows more people to use the staging space. Wet shredded foam is cleaner to work with and can be reused year after year.

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2019 Fall Show Bloom Count

Bloom count at the 2019 fall show at Bachman’s is 1010

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2019 Other Winners

Here is the list of Winners that were not included in the Court of Honor report. You will have to look up your name by your exhibitor code.

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2019 State Fair COH & Bloom Count

The bloom count  was 1670.
Here is the Court of Honor report for the State Fair.

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People’s Choice Winner 2019

The voting results of this year’s People’s Choice section

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History of the ADS

-In the October, 1914 issue of Florist’s Exchange, its Editor, J. Harrison Dick, wrote an article with the above title. This suggestion was immediately acted upon.

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Recent Posts From Trial Garden

Trial Garden Judging 2019 on August 17th @ 9 a.m.

Karen Zierdt wants all judges to be there this Sat the 17th because the entire garden is in bloom and needs to be judged. Since there is so much, start time is 9:00 am.

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Trial Garden Volunteer Process & Sign up

Step by step process to register with the Arb as a volunteer so you can work in the Trial Garden. If you did it last year, you just need the membership part.

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